Fridays are My Favorite




Wait?!  What?!

No … it’s not really Friday … but it is to ME!

Today starts my Montana adventure,

which means Friday is a no work day,

which also means today is my Friday!

{ you catch my drift }

Any who … I just wanted to share some of my favorite things from this week.

{ so far }

1. Check out the Germans response to the common swimsuit model/muscle car calendars here. I find it downright HA! LARIOUS! and will be looking to purchase one in the near future.


2. Sometimes you find yourself in a sticky situation where you can tell a friend could really use little warm fuzzy, but you’re really struggling to come up with something even remotely fuzzy … this tumblr could give you exactly what you AND your friend need.


3. I’ve heard of “A Picture 365 Days a Year”, but a “Picture An Hour”? Now that’s downright ambitious!  And I LOVE it!  See it for yourself here.


4. Have you heard this yet? If you haven’t, you’re welcome! If you have, hope you love it a second time around

{  p.s. it may make you blush }



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