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Fridays are My Favorite


it's friday

Has this been the longest week or is it just me?

Doesn’t even really matter any more because it is delicious, mouth-watering, deep-breathing, weekend-beginning Friday.

And time to share my favorites with you.

I had the pleasure of attending an artist’s reception for my favorite local artist, Bekah Ash.  I fell head-over-heels in love with her work almost 10 years ago when she had a booth at the Iowa Arts Festival and I’ve been coveting her work ever since.  I encourage you to check out her work here … be prepared to fall in love too.

p.s. she will be HUGE someday … and that some day is not too far away

bekah ash artist

{ p/c Bekah Ash }

A friend recently shared this tumblr with me and I wait on bated breath every day for the next post …  not kidding.

And although the images are striking, it’s the “conversation” had with their friend “evolution” that has me rolling.

{ and because I had such a hard time choosing one image to share, I settled *barely* on these three }

wtf evolution frog wtf evolution bird wtf evolution fish

{ p/c wtf, evolution? }

New Girl is one of our household’s favorite TV shows … so it is only fitting that we name our awesome new pup after one it’s characters …. meet the Schmidt’s … I see a little resemblance don’t you?

the schmidts

A colleague turned me onto Erika Napoletano … a feisty, smart redhead and a no BS kind of girl that helps get people unstuck (with a bitch-slap if need be), in business, life and otherwise.  I can’t get enough of her or what she has to say.  Check out this video of her talking about the “Power of Unpopular”  (also the title of her book)  and follow her blog … today dammit!

Well … that’s it for my faves on this snowy Iowa City Friday!

Hope you found a favorite or two as well.

Happy Friday!