Welcome  …. my name is Stacie.  I live on a century old dairy farm in eastern Iowa with my four kids and our two dogs. I am passionate about all things love, nature, art, music, books, movies, my family & friends and my children.  I am in awe almost daily with the all the beauty, the pain, and the simple wonders in the world.

I haven’t always been this way.

I used to complain … a lot.  Took things for granted, felt sorry for myself, experienced debilitating anxiety over all the things I couldn’t control.  Failed marriages, faded friendships, and lost loves.

And I can’t really explain how or when it happened, but one day a slap in the face came along and introduced me to gratitude, to all that is wonderful, that seems to surround me every day, going unnoticed.

My new motto is an old, yet familiar, motto “life is too short” and unfortunately, we are reminded of this often, but rarely take heed.  I intend to take risks I never took, love like I’ve never loved, and live like I’ve never lived … no regrets … and share them here.

I never would have looked in on my life from the outside as a “fairy tale”, but it truly is … and whether you read my blog or not, or agree or not, I encourage you to take another look at your life and find your fairy tale.

Thanks for stopping by … hope we meet again soon!


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