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Moving is Such Sweet Sorrow


This home, in the heart of Iowa Amish country, has been a sanctuary for my family for nearly 5 years.

It has seen us through a divorce and helped us find our independence and identify our family values.

This home has witnessed many tears, loud voices, wrestling matches, breathtaking hugs, family gatherings, late night smore-making bonfires, livestock mishaps, accidental pumpkin patches, and hardy laughter.

This home has witnessed love lost, love found and love withstanding.

This home is one we will never forget.

But now it’s time to start a new chapter.

In this home.

Let the adventure begin!

Awaken My Soul


The first signs of spring.

This is one of my most favorite things in the world.

It gives me such inspiration. I can’t even begin to explain how the shift in the seasons impact me.

And although this occurs EVERY spring, I’m always surprised by the rush of thoughts and emotions.

( I guess it’s good that some things still surprise me these days )

Everything smells different.  Everything looks, feels, and sounds different.

I love the smell of the moisture lingering in the breezes … this makes me think of the light spring rains and the roof-rattling thunderstorms … which I eagerly welcome the opportunity to bear witness from my porch swing.

I love the smell the dirt being upturned by the surrounding Amish farmers … this makes me ready to start digging in my own gardens … and wondering if the gardening tools have wandered away from the shed by the hands of my curious boys that have busied themselves all winter with building contraptions and creations in the surrounding barns and woods.

The birds! I love waking to the singing of the birds in the morning and from the sound of it, every bird in the state of Iowa has perched on every limb in the 30 plus trees surrounding our home …  singing its glory to the sun each morning and sharing their winter migration stories with all their nesting neighbors and my family.

I welcome the lawn mowing, the weed pulling, the sunscreen, the sandy feet, the weber grill, the nightly bonfires.

I welcome the open windows, the warm breezes, the water fights, the bike rides, the hikes and even the bugs.

I welcome my new-found energy, my motivation to move, to clean, to do and to just be in the moment.

( i wish i could embrace winter this way )



Oh Where For Art Thou, Snail Mail


Do you remember the last time you went to the mail box and found something for you that wasn’t a bill?

Was it your birthday?  Or just because?

How did it feel?

I can’t remember the last time I actually rushed to the mailbox.

Sometimes I go for days without even checking it {sadly}.

Occasionally my kids will beg to check the mail …

and then they slowly saunter in with their little faces all scrunched up with disappointment because there weren’t any awesomeness addressed to them or to anyone else, for that matter.

What is it about getting a personal letter in the mail? Or a postcard?

I think it’s the fact that in a word of instant gratification and constant busy-ness,

when a person takes a minute, or ten, to actually sit down and put a few thoughts on paper FOR YOU …

and THEN takes the time {and the expense – hello… stamps} to actually stick it in the mail …

well … that’s just plain special.

I have a friend at work that has made an effort to find ” pen pals ” … some even in the same town.

I think that’s cool … beyond cool actually … incredibly thoughtful and selfless.

And I’m going to take a feather from her cap and start!  TODAY!

I will start with sending special notes to my kids … through the actual mail.

In a world of technology and text messaging and emails and instant messages and whatever else the kids use these days I have yet to become familiar with, I want them to experience the joy of getting mail.

In the mailbox.

AND I’m going to find me some other pen pals to exchange little bits of hand-written joy with.

Snail mail … here I come!

Hello world!


valentine’s day is the perfect day to launch my new blog.

why you ask?

is it because I am blissfully in love?


with myself.

{among others}

as cliche’ as it may be,

carrie bradshaw {sex & the city fame}

has been and always will be an inspiration …

“and if you find someone to love the YOU you love, well, that’s just fabulous”