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Based on Photos I Liked, Part 1


I don’t want to say I’m obsessed with Instagram, because I read so many blogs that start the very same way, so I’m going to start by saying something entirely different.

Instagram is like crack for my eyeballs. Like a flame to my moth .. the peanut butter to my jelly. Like the Romeo to my Juliet .. the macaroni to my cheese.

Ok. I’m obsessed with Instagram.

pics i like instagram Collage

Once upon a time, magazine’s were my obsession. I “read” very few of them, but my eyes would literally feast on the pictures like starving wild beasts. It didn’t matter what kind of magazine it was either. Fashion. Food. Nature. Music. Home. Men’s. Kid’s. Women’s. Bridal. DIY. You name it. If It had glossy pics, I had to have it. And not just have it, but tear pages from it, paste my favorites in books and on giant poster collages to look at later, and then still save the magazines just in case I wanted to look at them again later. Stacks and stacks upon stacks of them. Obsessed.

Instagram, however, takes my obsession to a whole new level. But on a more mature, deeper level. I have a minimal 409 followers. I actually KNOW less than 60 of them and the majority of the others are from different countries … hundreds of virtual penpals and our universal language is images. The old cliché still holds true … “a picture IS worth a thousand words.”

pics i like road Collage

Another point that makes it even better than my previous obsession (other than free), is that I am connected on a personal level with each and every one of them. Whether they KNOW me or not.

It’s not just a photo credit for a photographer I may never see or know or even view their work again.

What each of these people choose to take photos of and share (with me and the rest of the world) is personal, not another assignment or job. Their subject generally means something to them. They’re connected to it. And now I’m connected to it. And connected to them.

Ok. I admit, I may be starting to sound a little creepy, maybe even a bit stalkerish, but I assure you it’s nothing like that. I like knowing there are people out there seeing and doing and living life and sharing their “visual” stories with us. I like seeing the person behind the magic, the world through their eyes. I like having a glimpse into a life on the other side of the world that I may never get to experience. And connecting with them. As much or as little as I/we choose.

pics i like tracks Collage

These are truly fantastic times we live in.

Thank you Instagram for giving people such an accessible, fantastical outlet to express themselves … for bringing us all a little closer and making our big, big world feel a tiny bit smaller.

Thank you.

Sidenote: when I started to write this post, I intended for it to go in a completely different direction, but It took on a life of its own and became what it is and will make for an excellent precursor to my originally intended post, so I’m making this baby a two-parter. (inhale) (exhale)  Watch for part two later this week.

P.S. I’d love to connect with you further on IG! You can find me here.


Brad Pitt and Road Trips


road trip

I keep calling it an adventure.

My mother continues to refer to it as a dangerous mission.

Okay mom .. I get it .. I do ..

After all, the definition of adventure  “is an exciting or unusual experience; it may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome”.

{ EXACTLY!  That’s why we are going!!  geesh }

But let’s get some perspective ..

It’s not like we’re traveling into the Himalayans on the backs of llamas to rescue a dying tribe …

and the outcome is definitely not uncertain.

We have gladly accepted the task ( please, and thank you, Mel )  of driving my dear friend’s vehicle out to their new homestead/ranch in Montana.

From Iowa.

Through the mountains.

In the dead of winter.

wait!  … what? 

Bold? perhaps.

Risky? potentially.

Exciting?  Hell yes!

iowa city to bozeman

I am completely ecstatic at the mere idea of this road trip.

Ever since I saw Legends of the Fall with the mouth-watering, self-tortured Tristan (played so eloquently by Brad Pitt below), I have dreamed of seeing Montana,

(and Brad Pitt .. but that’s a completely separate adventure).

brad pitt legends of the fall


However, I fear the planning is making my travel mate/lover slightly annoyed …

which I can’t begin to understand why??

Who wouldn’t want to talk about all the wondrous things we will see & snap pictures of along the way, the strange yet awesome people we will meet at rest stops and roadside cafes ( such a romantic ), the multitude of stories we can share, the perfect play lists to keep us pumped and awake, the tasty, not-so-healthy road trip snacks and beverages we should pack, the outerwear we need to include, the emergency kit we better not forget, the best route to take and how in the hell will we not drive each other stark raving mad stuck in a car for twenty plus hours one-way together?

Let’s talk about that!

Every day until next Thursday.

That’s how excited I am.

Poor lover.



But let’s not feel too sorry for him yet. I’m sure there will be some kind of bonus in it for him …  along the way …

{ wink wink  … blush }





Be there soon, Mel!

Melody's yard in Bozeman Montana

Stay tuned for updates.